With our wide range of high-performance and automatic folding machines we can handle a multitude of formats and styles.

Folding methods include standard formats from 4pps to 32pps, concertina, roll folded sections and leaflets, alongside more complex, custom folding techniques such as open gate or closed gate folds, map folds, 2 and 3 up work, edge and gutter stripping.

Our MBO T800 folder converts multiple 32pp sections and posters up to a maximum 830 x 1300mm sheet size and to ensure maximum flexibility and productivity our modular systems incorporate attachments for, double gate fold, perforation slitting and trimming.

Choosing the right fold for the job
How a brochure design, letter or marketing leaflet unfolds in a recipient's hands can help determine how effectively it communicates its message.

Whether your literature contains bold sales messages or detailed information which needs to be read in a particular order, if it needs to fit easily into a brochure rack or envelope, or if you simply want to add the "wow factor" to your presentation, we can help you choose the best folding style.

For samples of the different folding methods or to discuss your project call us on 01404 850 833 or email: enquiries@larkbeare.com
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