Perfect Binding and padding work is carried out on our automated make ready Kolbus KM600. This is a fully integrated line from the gatherer to the three knife trimmer and stacker. It can also be run as separate units to facilitate pre-gathers and hand fed binding or trimming jobs.

All 20 section feeders are equipped with Signa Lynx digital camera based signature recognition units with integrated bar code reading, miss and double section detectors to ensure that quality is kept at the highest level. PUR, perfect, notch and drawing on covers to sewn blocks are all done on this line, along with padding work for the preparation of wire-O, spiral and looseleaf products.

Perfect and PUR Binding
A great all-purpose binding method Perfect binding is ideal for mass publications as well as special products and is one of the standard adhesive binding solutions.

Perfect bound products can be manufactured efficiently and economically and consist of folded sections clamped together in page sequence, the back edges are rough cut and glued into a wraparound paper cover with a strong flexible glue, finally the book block and covers are trimmed flush resulting in an attractive, sturdy and durable finished product.

Perfect binding is suitable for a wide range of products including paperback or soft cover books, thick magazines and brochures, annual reports, travel guides, telephone directories, school text books, technical manuals and catalogues. A range of cover options such as foldouts, pocket covers, index tabs, die cutting and embossing can be incorporated and unlike many other binding methods, the spine of a perfect bound product can be printed to compliment design and create an eye-catching look.

The use of PUR glue will ensure a long lasting, strong and flexible bind on more difficult to process materials. Heavily coated stock, heavy weight stock and even acetates will benefit from the extra performance characteristics of PUR glue. Sealants do not have a detrimental effect nor does the spine area need to be kept clear of print.
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